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Lorena Dew


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For questions or more details about these pieces contact me

Young at heart, 36x48 acrylic

Here comes the sun, 30x30 resined acrylic


A Colourful Life, 48x60

Summer Symphony 48x60, acrylic

Meet me there, 48x60, acrylic SOLD


Show me a garden thats bursting into life, 36x48

In and out of the blue 36x36, mixed media acrylic

Better days ahead, mixed media acrylic

Half a shade braver 48x48, weaved, mixed media and framed

Connections, 20x24, mixed media acrylic

Amaryllis, 36x31, acrylic, framed

Under the Skies of Blue, 36x48

Resilience, 48x36, acrylic SOLD

It's all good, 12x12 framed acrylic

Enjoy your day, 30x40 mixed media acrylic framed

Anything is possible, 12x12 framed acrylic

I wish you well, 30x40 mixed media acrylic SOLD

Beauty from within, 48x60, acrylic

How Long is Forever, 48x60, acrylic

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see, 30x40 acrylic

Little wonders everywhere, 16x16 acrylic SOLD

Roam free, 20x20, acrylic

The heart decides, 12x12 acrylic

Gratitude, 12x12 mixed media acrylic, framed

Just the way you are, 16x16 acrylic

Stay strong and tender, 16x16 acrylic framed

Say Yes, 16x16 acrylic

If you don't try, you'll never know, 20x20 acrylic framed

New beginning, 12x12 acrylic SOLD

Being, 12x12 mixed media acrylic, framed

Hello, 20x20 acrylic SOLD

Listen, 12x12 mixed media, acrylic, framed

Looking forward, 16x16, acrylic SOLD

Trust the timing, 12x12 acrylic SOLD

Time to start something new, 30x40 acrylic, framed

Something better is on the horizon, 20x20 acrylic resined

Wanderlust, 12x12 vinyl, resined and framed

Brighter days ahead, 20x48 resined mixed media acrylic

Ebb and Flow, 24x24, resined acrylic

Bounty, 36x48, acrylic SOLD

Never miss a chance to dance, 12x12 framed acrylic

Joyful Noise, 36x48

Bridging the gap, 36x36, acrylic SOLD

Make a Path, 30x48 SOLD

The other side, 24x48, acrylic

Golden Rule, 30x48, acrylic SOLD

Wipeout, 36x48, acrylic SOLD

Shall We Dance, 30x48 SOLD

We See Things As We Are, 36x48

Perseverance, 12x12 framed acrylic

Hope, 12x12 acrylic framed

Don't forget to play, 12x12, framed acrylic SOLD

It comes from the heart, 12x12 acrylic framed

Can't wait, 12x12 framed acrylic

Beauty in simplicity, 12x12 framed acrylic

Felicidad, 36x48, acrylic SOLD

Whatever you love, you are, 48x48, acrylic SOLD

Beauty of imperfection, 36x36, acrylic, SOLD

All I Ask, 48x60, acrylic SOLD

Sold Pieces

Below are some of my pieces that have gone to a new home



Lorena Dew utilizes colours, textures and movement, her long-standing love of drawing, sketching and painting, and formal graphic design training to pull people into her art with the intent to evoke emotions and experiences that are unique to the viewers themselves. Lorena’s pieces employ the use of modern acrylic and/or mixed media collage painting techniques to reflect a blend of abstraction, impressionism, and seasonal/floral decorative painting styles.

Connect with me on:

To contact me, please fill out the form below or call 416-992-5686.

Art Exhibitions

  • May  2018 – North Toronto Group of Artists Spring Studio Tour
  • June 2018 – #Hashtag Gallery Group art show curated by Catherine Shea
  • October 2018 – Yonge and Lawrence Village Artwalk Tour
  • October 2018 – North Toronto Group of Artists, Fall Show & Sale
  • November 2018 – Lorenadew Gallery Open House/Studio Tour
  • February 2019 – GTA Home & Reno Show
  • February 2019 – Craigleith Ski Club Auction, Collingwood
  • May 2019 – North Toronto Group of Artists Spring Studio Tour
  • May 2019 – Lycée Louis Pasteur Auction, Calgary
  • May 2019 – John Ross Robertson Public School Auction, Toronto
  • October 2019 – Yonge and Lawrence Village Artwork Tour, The Abbott Pub
  • October 2019 – Toronto Fall Home Show, Enercare Centre
  • October 2019 – Art at Stack
  • October 2019 – Crestwood Auction, Toronto
  • October 2019 – North Toronto Group of Artists Fall Show
  • November 2019 – Upper Canada College Festive Auction, Toronto
  • November-December 2019 – SOLO SHOW – Keller Williams Realty (Yonge/Lawrence)
  • January-February 2020 – GROUP SHOW – Lawrence Park Arts Collective – Keller Williams Realty (Yonge/Lawrence)
  • January-December 2020 – GROUP SHOW – Lawrence Park Arts Collective – RIO CAN (Yonge and Eglinton Centre)
  • April  2020 – Kingsway Lambton Art Show
  • May  2020 – North Toronto Group of Artists Spring Studio Tour
  • September  2020 – Lawrence Park Art Collective Fall Outdoor Gallery Tour
  • April  2021 – Kingsway Lambton Online Art Show
  • May  2021 – North Toronto Group of Artists Spring Studio Tour


If you have any questions or comments about any of my paintings, please feel free to send me a message. Please follow me on Instagram. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!